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I should be committed for being committed to someone like you

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a community dedicated to vanessa hudgens

i should be committed for being committed to someone like you

committedtobbv is a community dedicated to the one and only Vanessa Anne Hudgens. This is maintained and moderated by Harley (live_in_love_89) and Nikka (bokayjunkie). This community was made purely because we are sick of other communities bashing our favorite celebrity. So this place is a NO BASHING zone.

A special thanks to Becky (quiddity90) for comming up with the community name, which was inspired by Vanessa's song Committed.

community rules.
1) NO BASHING. You will be removed from this community for bashing Vanessa or any other celebrities associated with her.
2) All posts must be about Vanessa or have something about Vanessa in it. They must also be tagged (please check the tags)
3) When posting articles, please post the source or tell otherwise if there is none.
4) If picture is over 500x/pixels, use LJ cuts, it saves Friends pages.
5) No icon/graphics posts allowed please! But if you want your community to be affiliated with us, just ask in our affiliate post!
6) NO HOTLINKING please upload your pictures to either photobucket, imageshack, tnypic or any other image hosting sites.

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